Drupal 7 Backend and Database Developer (CTO)

Art der Beschäftigung: freiArbeitsplatz: beides möglich
Start: 01.12.2017Beschäftigungsdauer: 6 Monate
Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt: Sitebuilding

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We are looking for a Drupal 7 backend/database developer at a freelance (part-time) basis, who's based in Berlin and can communicate well in English.

If qualified and motivated, you will act as the CTO of the company, working closely with the CEO to execute and manage the backend development of our web platform.

AVloops is a digital content marketplace focusing on live visuals and animation. You can visit the site at www.avloops.com. Currently AVloops is build on Drupal 7 and hosted with Amazon AWS.

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AVloops GmbH


AVloops is a digital content (video) marketplace for visual artists and VJs. We are a young startup company established early 2017 based in Berlin.

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James Cui
T : 015751931855


AVloops GmbH
Wiener Str. 18
D-10999 Berlin