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Lobbyhub is a platform where political interest groups find established public affairs consultants for the pursuit of their strategic aim. Wether they are looking for a hands on regulatory affairs law firm or political insiders for a freelance job: The way to find the matching partner with expertise

To bring to the next level I am searching for a founding partner to relaunch the platform. The things to come are agile driven developed features for consultancies and interest groups. A set of functions is already described. Together we will establish as the first adress for finding matching lobbying services and improve the way, political communication works.

The perfect match is a person:
-> with expertise and experience in web application design
-> with firm front- and backend capabilities, ideally with PHP and Drupal
-> with knowledge of CSS, JavaScript and UX-Design
-> with interest in the german political sphere and keen to shake up the established political communications

The offer:
-> We will share everything we are going to build up as 50% partners
-> We will found a company together, that will gain reputation in the lobbying and public policy sector
-> We will definitly learn a lot about business and grow with the challenge

Though the projects doesn’t start with a budget we will soon be able to provide paid services and monetarize genuine value.

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Lobbyhub - public affairs experts in germany

The place to find public affairs agencies, government affairs law firms or independent strategic communication consultants for specific political issues

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